YOU CHOOSE Youth Road Safety is a registered not-for-profit charitable organisation which:

  • Makes uniquely relatable road safety presentations to high schools and youth organisations
  • Facilitates an enduring, self-driven youth movement for changed driving behaviour

In 2012, YOU CHOOSE founders Melissa and Peter McGuinness’s 18-year-old son, Jordan, was speeding and under the influence of alcohol and drugs when he drove his car into stationary vehicle. His choices killed four young victims in the other car and also himself.

The YOU CHOOSE mission is to inspire a genuine social movement for changed driving behaviours.

Presentations are designed for profound cut-through to teenagers; while School Leader and Scholarship programs uplift young people to protect their families and their communities through collective peer advocacy and personal accountability.

YOU CHOOSE Youth Road Safety is acknowledged, supported and advocated by Police, Educators, Transport Departments, Parents and Young People around Australia.

Own the Choice – Own the Outcome

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