YOU CHOOSE Youth Road Safety’s constituted social purpose is to deliver presentations to every Australian High School; and to facilitate an enduring youth social movement for changed driving behaviours.

Advocate to your School or Local Council

YOU CHOOSE does not fund a small army of employees or contractors who approach organisations to participate in our presentations and programs.

We rely on community advocates just like you to contact your local schools, P&Fs or municipal council’s youth/community engagement officer, with a request that they engage YOU CHOOSE Youth Road Safety.

Together, we can uplift every community to protect every-day families from the misery of youth road trauma; and empower our young people to ‘Own the Choice Own the Outcome’.

You can download a suggested request letter below.

Please copy YOU CHOOSE with your request on [email protected]

Every Advocate-Participant in the movement for changed driving behaviours will receive regular mission updates from the team at YOU CHOOSE.

Thank you… your advocacy has a direct impact.

Book a Presentation

Together, we can reduce youth road trauma with immediate effect. Book a presentation at your school or club today.