You Choose Ambassador Georgie Gardner

Throughout my years in journalism, one of the most heartbreaking and recurring issues we report on is road trauma – especially youth fatalities.

I continue to be saddened by the far reaching consequences of bad choices and poor driving habits on our roads. That’s why I was so profoundly moved when I met Melissa McGuinness and learned of the personal back-story behind the founding of the YOU CHOOSE Youth Road Safety programme.

It is raw and relatable, particularly among young people. YOU CHOOSE goes beyond awareness campaigning…it motivates participants to become passionate advocates for changed driving behaviours. It’s fast becoming a social movement which taps into the potential of the next generation to be the first to shape a real shift in attitude. It’s an opportunity for young people to act personally among their peers to measurably reduce the road toll….

Reckless driving isn’t luck. It’s a choice. And we can all play our part in saving lives by being strident with the message ‘Own the Choice Own the Outcome’.

I’m deeply inspired by Melissa McGuinness’s mission to enact change in the aftermath of unspeakable tragedy. She is an exceptional woman and in my role as an ambassador I’m motivated to help keep raising awareness about the YOU CHOOSE programme and encourage our precious young people to change driving behaviours.”