Together, we can uplift each other to protect ourselves, our families and our communities from the preventable tragedy of road trauma… starting right now.

You Choose Youth Road Safety

The YOU CHOOSE program takes an innovative, shared social-project approach to road safety education for teens, which focuses on peer-advocacy as integral to changed behaviours and attitudes. Developed to complement skill courses, re-enactments and cautionary lectures, YOU CHOOSE places participants into profound personal reflection about connections between intentions, choices, actions, and the people they profess to protect and to love. They are equipped to give each other permission in advance to speak up and to act in favour of good choices in moments-that-matter.

An initial presentation phase is supported in-class with Teacher-Student Resources. These are professionally aligned to the Australian Curriculum for ongoing wellbeing or pastoral care lesson work throughout the school year, and include assessment and leadership frameworks. A highly qualified YOU CHOOSE Teacher Support Manager is available to assist teachers with program facilitation queries and guidance required to optimise outcomes. Youth Advisors – teens who have recently particpated in the program – ensure that relatability, authenticity and messaging are accurately calibrated for 15 to 18 year-olds. 

The Australian Road Safety Award winning YOU CHOOSE mission stimulates young people’s instincts as social change agents, by challenging Australia’s legacy road use culture and by acting to shape their world for the better. Luck and passivity are replaced by choice and accountability. Protecting each other, their families and their communities from preventable tragedy. One student, one friendship group, one school, one family, one community at a time.

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You Choose Effectiveness

“My mates and I did the YOU CHOOSE program in Year 12. In the two years since, there have been at least three times that the program has come up between us. Speaking out in real time about our choices, because we’ve already agreed to call each other out when we have to. For sure, it blocked the kind of behaviour that often wrecks lives. No other course we did, ever made us actually talk to each other about stuff…” Eden, age 19

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