The YOU CHOOSE Program

Raw, lived experiences and demonstrated, real-life consequences effecting families just like theirs are shared with every participant.

YOU CHOOSE Youth Road Safety’s foundational motto, Own the Choice Own the Outcome is underpinned by powerful messages:

  • This generation has the awesome potential to be the first to permanently change driving behaviours
  • Reckless driving habits are not part of growing up. Lethal consequences are not bad luck. They are choices. The tired old maxim “We’ve all done it” is simply not good enough – today’s young people are way better than that.
  • Everyone is empowered right now to start saving lives by being outspoken about reckless driving habits among their peers – saying nothing is facilitating the status quo.

It’s proven that awareness campaigning and moralising lectures about right/wrong and safety/danger are not enough on their own. This generation knows what defines unacceptable driving which can maim and kill themselves and others. 

What does it take for young people to take personal accountability and act on their knowledge?”

There’s proof of concept in YOU CHOOSE presentations to many thousands of students, that young Australians respond authentically and emotionally to messages about Choice, Outcomes, Love, Family, Empowerment and Social Advocacy.

Together, we can uplift each other to reduce the misery of youth road trauma with immediate effect.

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Together, we can reduce youth road trauma with immediate effect. Book a presentation at your school or club today.